mGinger - Earn Money from your Mobile Phone

mGinger is a program that allows you to earn money with your mobile phone and you don't have to spend a penny! Just as in a paid-email program, mGinger sends you ad messages to your mobile phone and pays you for allowing them to send you the messages. Unlike the paid email program, with mGinger you don't have to even care about reading the messages sent to you.

You could set your timing preferences on when to receive the messages. On average, you could earn between 300 and 400 bucks per month-enough to pay your phone bills.?. However, with better referrals, you could earn as much as 1000 bucks and more.

If you care to read the ads at all, you might find some stuff that are useful to you. The ads could even contain information about offers or events in your city which you aren't aware of yourself.

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