Pay Per Post


Pay Per Post is another money making website that pays you to write about products of their advertisers. Pay Per Post, or PPP, provides a significantly higher earning chance compared to the paid email or paid survey programs.

What you are basically supposed to do with PPP is to find open oppurtunities and make use of them by writing reviews for the products mentioned in your blog or website. Apart from writing reviews, you could also earn by writing referrals.

To get started with PPP, you need to initially submit your blog, which would be evaluated. Only approved bloggers are allowed to write reviews.

My advice is to initially enhance your writing skills to their best before signing up for similar programs. If you are not a good writer or if you have adult content in your blogs, then there is every chance that you get bans, which is never a good thing to happen.

Then, there are the PPP tools. To implement the PPP tools, you must get a piece of code and implement it in your blog. This enables PPP tools in your blog. The referral program mentioned earlier is one such tool. There are a few others like the one which allows users to review posts in your blog. This increases the popularity of your blog and gets more visitors.

More visitors means more traffic and hence, more income. So, go ahead and sign up on PPP.
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