Paid Email - Continued.


This is in continuation with the paid e-mail programs we have been discussing in my last post. In my upcoming posts I will also provide you with some paid email programs. Several people actually charge you for providing the list of such programs.

While searching on might be sufficient for you to get to know some of the common paid email programs, it might require quite some time of research to get to know how to really make profit out of the several such programs available.

In order to get started with it, you must first posses a PayPal account. Create a PayPal account if you don't have one.

Click here to create a paypal account.

Remember to fill in all the information correctly.Most of these paid email programs credit to your paypal account and paypal would pay you. These days paypal also has the facility of paying you by directly crediting the money to your bank account. While signing up for paypal, remember to check out which countries do not have paypal. If you belong to one of those countries, I should say sorry.

There are of course others like E-Gold that work just like paypal does. But paypal is the most popular. We'll discuss about that in my upcoming posts.

So, go ahead and create a paypal account for yourself. With a paypal account, you are ready to get started. I'd introduce you to some paid email programs in my next post.

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