Forums are another excellent way of making money. There are several forums in the internet, but the focus in this blog will be on the major and very valid ones.

So, what do we do in a forum? In a forum, we discuss topics that interests us. The topic could be anything ranging from politics to parenting unless it is not offending to anyone. You must also be intelligent enough to make complete use of a forum. I'll talk abut this later. Let's now go ahead and get familiar with a very popular forum.


A very interesting forum that pays you significant amount of money to discuss abut topics that interest you.

There are a range of interests on which you could write. You would, in this forum, create discussions or respond to discussions created by other users. If you have a blog, you could also add it here.

You will be credited everyday from mylot and the amount credited would depend on your participation.

Socializaing with Forums.

Forums are also a great place to socialize apart from being an excellent platform to earn lots of money. MyLot os lots of fun and hence socializing is easier. People make lots of friends on MyLot and develop a positive relationship. Apart from learning new things from your newly-made friends, you will also earn more from the forum with their help. How? Because they are your friends, they are going to respond to your discuccsions. Thus your discussions get more responses which means more money. You should not be surprised if someone says that he/she found their life partner in a forum like MyLot.

Tips to make more money in forums

  • Post consistently on topics that interest you.

  • Do not try to post too many topics and spam.

  • It is always advisable to sit down and think on what topics to start a discussion on rather than blindly jumping on to a topic in a rush.

  • Make lots of friends in a forum.

  • Remember to respond to all discussions your friends start so they respond back to your discussions and you are therefore very active in the forum.

  • Do not start discussions on topics that might be offending to some people.

  • Remember to be friendly to the members in the forum and keep your reputations high.

  • Abide by the rules of the forum in order to avoid getting infractions or getting banned.

Good Luck

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