In this blog, I will be penning down my experiences in making money online. For the past several years, I have subscribed to many online money-making programs and found good success. I have also encountered big failures. I will put down everything I had learnt from my experience to help you earn money using the internet.


A program that is seeing a lot of subscribers worldwide, but most people end up falling prey for spams. I myself have lost certain money because of these spams. Most of the companies that pay you for reading emails concentrate more on advertising their products. They get more popularity when they send you emails telling about their offers and products. They also offer a little money for reading their emails.


I have, after a thorough research, compiled a huge list of companies that offer you money for reading emails. You will have to subscribe to atleast 10 companies to earn a significant amount every month. You will have to spend an average of HALF AN HOUR PER DAY. You should be also careful to read the email before it expires.

Some of the rules you need to follow while signing up for an email-reading program applies to Paid Surveys as well. Companies pay you for taking surveys because they know the market trends without spending money on market research. The money that they pay you is a trifle compared to what they can reap from the information you provide them.

In most of the cases, it takes some time to start earning significant amount of money by taking surveys. But, with time, you will come to learn about more paid survey programs and you will also learn the 'tricks' of the trade. I am also compiling a list of these 'tricks' that will help you get more and more surveys.


This is another fast-growing money making technique on the Internet. it is an excellent way of making money for people who can establish contacts easily. The concept is pretty simple. You sign up for an affiliate program and you are provided with a unique id. You can add affiliates under your id. You earn more money for more affiliates. Some programs also pay you whenever an affiliate buys a product under the program. You will also receive numerous offers on various products. You can start this program free-of-cost and invest as you proceed. Investment is optional though.


This way of making money is already hugely popular on the internet with eBay making its biggest impression. You can sell almost anything on the internet through Marketing sites such as eBay. I'd recommend you to sign-up for eBay if you are interested and get all details on how to proceed.


There are several ways on how to make money with the help of a website or a blog. There are several companies that offer a free website or blog. The first step towards this is to gather some idea on some topic you are really familiar with and you feel people would be really interested in. Once you mentally form an idea about how your website or blog should be, you can sign up for a free website provider to start with and go ahead with filling our site or blog with contents. you are then supposed to make them popular by telling about them to your friends etc. I have compiled a list of ways you can use to make your website more popular. Once your site gets lots of traffic, you will find advertisers contacting you to advertise their products or services on your site. When you allow them to do so, they will be paying you for the money the clicks they receive for the ads placed on your site.


Writing adwords is an excellent income generating opportunity if you know how to attract people to a particular site with advertisements. As an example, when you search for something in google, you find some search results on the right side of the page. Those are advertisements related to the search that are pasted by people like you and me. Basically, you write these advertisements for various companies and they pay you if people click on these advertisements. this is an EXCELLENT income generating opportunity if you are patient and are keen to know about the products or services you advertise. You paste an advertisement, and just sit back. You get paid.


Typing jobs just need you to have a PC with Internet connection and basic knowledge in English. You do not have to sell any products or join affiliates or read any emails. All you will have to do is complete the data-entry or typing assignments given to you by companies. Most companies charge you a trifle to sign up for their data-entry programs because they want people who are serious.

PS: I will continue to provide more useful and specific information in my subsequent posts.


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